About Us

Malviya Crafts Pvt. Ltd. is a leading crafts company engaged as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Marble Articles, Temple Works and Handicrafts, Stone Carvings, Sculptures, Inlay Works, etc. We specialize in providing contemporary and classical pieces of articles, temples, pillars, capitals, garden furniture, fireplace and surrounds. We also offer our customers handcrafted and custom-made article surrounds. Stringent quality controls, competitive pricing, adherence to time frames is what make us a much sought after company in this industry.

Established in 1980 by Mr. Narayan Lal Malviya, our experience of over two and a half decades in the industry has given us the expertise to know the customers’ needs and preferences. Our export markets are centered in UK, USA, UAE, Italy and other countries. Located in Rajasthan, we are a member of CDOS and Abu Chamber of Commerce & Industries.

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